Make 2016 Your Best Year with these 5 Tips for Success

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Another year is gone and a new one just begins. Happy 2016 everyone, I hope your celebration was fun, blessed and joyful!

Now it is time to get serious and focused on what you want this new year will bring you. Most things you have complete control over, others you do not.

What can you do to take control of your career, business and life?

LEADERtips –

  1. Define what it is you want to pursue and achieve. Don’t let life just happen, or you will question why certain things happen, while others do not. Take control by:- thing through and write out what goals you have for your personal, financial, spiritual and professional life. Think SMART goals, and feel free to leverage our RICHplan template to guide you.
  2. Identify 1-3 ways you can serve or give back this year – whether it is by a behavior or a formal cause. Serving others and giving back pretty much guarantees you will receive as much as you give.- Law of Attraction is a guarantee – you receive what you put out in the world. Project onto the world fear, desperation, lacking, anxiety, lack of confidence, doubt, etc. and you will receive those thing back in response. Project confidence, giving, kindness, abundance, self-love, etc. and the universe will return that to you.
  3. Take time each day (week or month), of all of the things in your career, business and life you are ‘grateful for’.- Consider how much time you spend dwelling and stressing over the hard, anxious and painful things life brings about. What if you spent that time instead focused on your blessings. Check out The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
  4. Identify those mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual self-beliefs that could potentially sabotage your success or even desire to pursue your goals and riches you want in life.- Consider this – if you knew, absolutely, that you could achieve anything you want in life, wouldn’t you go for it; after all, you are being guaranteed to be successful. Think what you could achieve having complete ‘confidence and belief’ in that.
  5. Engage someone to motivate, support and hold you accountable to your 2016 goals; whether they are career, business and/or life goals. – Only 46% of people are pursuing their resolutions after 6 months. Only 8% of individuals achieve their resolutions.  Why? I can narrow it down to one thing – they didn’t have someone by their side guiding through the highs and lows, the hard time and easy times. Find yourself someone – an expert or a friend, colleague or family member – someone, to help you. If you want to discuss your goals and challenges, contact me for a complimentary 30 minute call.

Don’t miss out on a RICH 2016….  focus on executing on the above 5 tips and you will create and accelerate the RICHes in your career, business and life. Guaranteed!

GOOD LUCK and Happy New Year!

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