Women, We Don’t Belong Everywhere!!! It’s Not Discrimination.

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This morning on CBS This Morning they profiled a group of young girls, who call themselves “The Unicorns”. The girls are petitioning Boy Scouts of America to invite them into their club.

The girls note they want to participate, compete and to be challenged in the sports and events the boys do. They go on to site the fact that, not being allowed to be included in their club is discrimination (on gender, of course)?

“They’re just being discriminatory and not nice,” said Jacobs. “Because we’re girls, they’re saying because we’re a different gender we shouldn’t be allowed to do the same things boys can.”

Having six brothers myself, my five sisters and I certainly wanted to be included in their flag football games, chemistry experiments, and crazy antics on the playground. Trust me; we were six feisty, strong and empowered girls, willing to push our way in on anything. But my parents stressed the fact that we don’t have to play with them (all of the time), in order to play or do whatever it is they do.

So, the message I left for the girls on CBSNews.com, and would ask women, mothers and others to consider, was simply:

Unicorns…. I love your passion to be challenged and given the opportunity to do anything boys can do – but please keep in mind – not everything is discrimination, and girls/women do not need to force themselves in everything and everywhere boys/men are.  We want our own women social, professional and athletic groups and clubs, and so should they.

More importantly, penetrating boys/men clubs will not give you equality and respect. What will is; creating the means, challenging each other, and providing the opportunities for each other… then doing it.  That will give you what you are looking for. Turn your focus and ask for press visibility on challenging the Girl Scouts to provide you the opportunities you are looking for.

A note to parents, business leaders and others….you are not doing girls/women any good teaching them that any place/situation where girls are not included, i.e. Boy Scouts, automatically means ‘they’re saying because we’re a different gender we shouldn’t be allowed to do the same things boys can.”

That is not what they are saying….and for parents to be instilling that into children (girls) will only continue to divide.

No one can tell anyone; male or female, they are not allowed to do something. Teach them that instead, and then guide them in finding alternatives, options and avenues to achieving what it is they want. That lesson alone will set them up nicely for a life and career time of people and situations wanting to block them from achieving their goals; and gain them the equality and respect they want.

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