As a business consultant and leadership coach, I am often asked for tips for improving the productivity, effectiveness and even morale of a team or individual in the business place.  Often times the most successful person falters at sustaining their high productivity levels due to distractions, interruptions or simply life happenings. The best of us can find ourselves swirling in uncertainty and chaos.

Though you will experience it, you want to work yourself out of it as fast as you can. Your confidence, health, happiness, and your people and business depend on it. So here are some tips that can be used as a guide back to massive productivity and results…no matter when or how you find yourself off course, as we all will.

         1.    Invest in a Journal…..  hard copy or soft, paper or electronic. 

It is great to dump all of your hopes and dreams, challenges and pains, as well as to plan what it is you will do next.

2.     Get it out of your head! 

               Dreams in your head are just that, dreams.  Dreams written down on a piece of paper are GOALS!!

3.     Define  Daily, Weekly and Monthly Goals

What do you want to accomplish in 12 months?  Use the SMART method and be sure they are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timebound

What do you need to do this MONTH to achieve those monthly goals?

What do you need to do this WEEK and DAY to achieve them?

Prioritize your entire weekly TO DO List and use that priority order to define what you will do each day until you have met your goals.

4.     Spend Time Each Day Working on YOU!!!!!

                       5 minutes or 5 hrs – think, admit and write out what you want, how you feel, take a pulse of your mental game**

                       Before you put your feet to the ground in the morning, do a health check on yourself by asking yourself – 

                       How do I feel mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually,  and overall.

                       Am I in a state to be productive, effective, creative and social as opposed to lethargic, aggravated, short tempered, down on myself, etc.

                       What do I want to feel as I go off into the world with my kids, family, peers, bosses, customers, partners and ME?

                       Take the time, right there in bed, to adjust your HEAD and HEART around what it is you want to feel so you can make the most of the day

5. Pick  3 top priorities each day to FOCUS on and GET IT DONE!  Goals without action = the HOPE Strategy!

6. Schedule time blocks for each task/activity that needs to be done on your DAILY calendar. Treat each activity as an appointment,

7. Remove ALL distractions from your work space – 

               Turn off your phone, shut down email/Facebook and Twitter, close your office door or leave and go elsewhere.

8.  Acknowledge your missteps and KEEP MOVING!!

 I don’t use the word fail. When you do not meet an objective or accomplish a goal, it is simply a misstep of which took you back a few steps, took you sidewards to no progress, or pushed you off course. Simply readjust and keep moving.

9.  Engage an accountability partner, coach, or peer! No one does it alone!

10. Reward YOU and your accomplishments no matter how small!

Bernadette Boas is the ball of fire behind Ball of Fire Consulting, Ball of Fire Inc. (media/publishing) and her book Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Bernadette is a speaker, radio personality of Shedding the Bitch Radio, coach, and the Shedding the Bitch® movement leader.

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