Interview with Bernadette Boas – Middle Market Women on the Move!

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ROI is a strategic partner of Ball of Fire Consulting, so I was honored and thrilled to be included in their popular business series of articles….

Smart Middle Market CEOs recognize that women in their workforce have different development needs, expertise and skills than their male counterparts. And women executives in Middle Market firms don’t always have access to the structure and support systems they would otherwise have in larger companies. But that’s okay – they don’t need them!

Ms. Bernadette Boas, owner of Ball of Fire Consulting, a ROI Strategic Partner, coaches women executives on how to achieve their goals. And there’s a common message uniting all of her mentoring: Women need to take accountability for their careers.

Bernadette explains, “Sure, women hit the ubiquitous ‘glass ceiling’ often. But that can’t be used as an excuse. Women have to be resourceful and see what other people, not just other women, are doing for professional development to get and stay ahead of their competition, male or female.”

She has four pieces of advice for women who want to move ahead in Middle Market firms:  READ MORE at ROI (Resource Options International Inc.)



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