What is the impact of not taking action?

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It’s somewhat of a trick question, because it is different for everyone. Do you agree with this? Let’s see.

First, you have to identify and define the financial, personal, social, career, business and overall life goals you have for yourself. You need to then assign a measurement, timeline and a lot of specifics to each of them, so they have feet for you to finally identify the tasks and activities you need to act on in order to achieve the goal.

Then and only then, you need to ask yourself this one question – What is the impact of NOT taking action?

Why? Because although only 20% of all individuals (including those who consider themselves a leader), actually have defined goals, and of that number, a much lower percentage ever act on and achieve their goals. And why don’t they achieve them… because they have never asked themselves – What is the impact of not taking action? If they did, they would have found what they needed to achieve their goal.

But again, the answer to that question can be vastly different from one of those 20% to another. For me the response could be – “Not much, I just won’t be able to X, Y, or Z”….but for someone else it could be that; they are risking a heart attack, and for another; diabetes, and for another; bankruptcy, losing a job, not finding a mate, missing out on a bucket list life adventure, failing to live, etc.

As I said, it is a trick question; for 2 key reasons:

  1. It may just provoke those reading this post to actually get their goals defined and put down on paper.
  2. It could then get anyone and everyone to possibly find the commitment, belief, focus and determination on their goals that they need to act on and achieve their goals!

Whether you think about it or follow all of the way through defining, documenting and acting on your goals, be sure to always ask yourself… What is the impact if I do NOT act on or achieve my goal? And be selfless – think about your family, friends, peers, team, company/business, community and the world! The impact could be on them as well.

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