Would You (Or Someone You Know) PASS or FAIL the Corporate Bitch Test?

Have you ever questioned why or how certain individuals are in higher level positions than you or your counterparts? What makes it worse, is that those women or men are considered ‘bitches’ or ‘bastards’ by those around them. Unfortunately it happens every day – nasty people climb the ranks while effective, hard working people don’t.

We’ll discuss why and how that is, in another post. Today’s post is about you assessing your part and role in your own success. Can you say truly that the cause for your lack of advancement is indeed the political system, or could it be your leadership style? Do you even know?

More often than not, women (and men) never realize or admit to themselves that their attitude, way about doing things, or their leadership style, is negatively impacting their success. And even if you have or are climbing that corporate ladder into prestigious positions, if you are known for being a #meanboss, overly demanding, creating drama, or leading with an iron fist,  it will indeed catch up with you. Trust me.

I want to help you prevent that, but it takes asking yourself some tough questions, one being: Are you a CORPORATE bitch – hurting both yourself and your career?

Take ‘The Bitch Test’ and commit to SHIFTING your attitude and mindset from bitch to rich!

NOTE: once you have completed this self-assessment, you could ask those employees, peers and managers you trust and respect to give you upfront and honest feedback as well. You don’t want to find out after you failed to reach your goals.

The CORPORATE Bitch Test

Respond YES or NO to each of the following statements. If you answer ‘Yes’ to one or several of the following statements, you may possess a negative attitude or bitch that is holding you back and keeping you from the riches of life you deserve.

v Make note of the date you take the assessment

v Make note of your responses

v Commit to change any Yes responses to No over time.

v Come back to the test several months down the road, and reassess.

v Focusing on your bitches will help you shed it to obtain riches.

Outwardly: YES or NO

1. I intimidate or dominate employees, peers and managers ________

2. I man-up or act as a bitch in order to compete ________

3. I find myself standing alone or avoided at social events ________

4. I position myself as if I am better or superior to others ________

5. I eat, drink, smoke or have other compulsions ________


6. I am not always convinced I have what it takes ________

7. I feel insecure standing up and asking people for things ________

8. I don’t feel worthy to obtain what I want ________

9. I feel angry, uptight, and tense more often than happy ________

10. I have a hard time thinking positively about myself ________

NOW, define your SHIFT PLAN:

Identify your Top 3 – YES responses that you want to shift from bitch to rich in the next 90 days?




List SHIFT activities you will focus on to achieve your SHIFT for each of the above –




What RICHES (reward) will you give yourself for achieving your SHIFT?



What commitment will you make to create your new YOU now that you have achieved your SHIFT?


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