Tips for Achieving NOT Sabotaging Your RICHES in the 13 Days Up to 2015!!

So many of us have great intentions when we set what many call New Year Resolutions, while others call them goals, objectives, etc..

I tend to look at them as ‘GOALS – Getting On with Accelerating Life’s Success!!!’ They are longer term than ‘resolutions’ – admit it…. folks set resolutions out of obligation to a new year that many, including me, preach as being a time for change. And as a result few weeks into the new year they are set aside like the unwanted gifts, over played toys and returned goods.

GOALS on the other hand seem to hold more weight…taken more seriously, attempted at with more commitment – or at least perceived commitment. I, myself, have set goals to only have them go quickly by the way side …. I just didn’t believe in them, in my heart of hearts, as being important enough. AND, I made every excuse in the book for why that was. If you don’t believe me, ask my friend Wayne, who weekly accuses me of kicking off a new fitness goal only to have it never get started – let alone given up on.

EXCUSES, NON COMMITMENT, LACK OF BELIEF, INSECURITY, FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, THE UNKNOWN, etc., etc., etc. are self-afflicted SABOTAGES keeping your from success in your career, business and life.

So, what can you do to shed those sabotages so you can achieve the RICHES you so want?

  1. You have to determine your BELIEF level in your G.O.A.L… on a scale of 1-10 (lowest to highest), how much or how critical is the achievement of your goal?
    1. If you rank above 7 – HOORAY… begin to take action on your goal
    2. Below 7 – determine if 1) you want to find solutions to the lack of BELIEF you have toward the goal – and you can or 2) Abandon the goal now if you do not believe, as you will EXCUSE it away, only disappointing YOU along the way.
  2. Identify NOW the people, places, things, situations, emotions, experiences, that could SABOTAGE you….. write them out in great detail and don’t leave anything out. HEY, this is for you and no one else. Don’t cheat on YOU.
  3. Now, determine prevention measures, NOT excuses, for overcoming or pushing through that potential EXCUSE…because that is what it is. Admit that now and you will save yourself a lot of grief.
  4. Determine if YOU are willing to uphold that prevention measure when you feel, find, see, hear, etc. the EXCUSE  confront you.
    1. If you said yes you can, HOORAY…get on accelerating life’s success.
    2. If you said no….. decide if you will abandon your goal or if you will work to overcome your fear, uncertainty, the unknown, or the other sabotage(s) that is plaguing your success.
  5. Commit to yourself, that no matter what… you will NOT excuse your G.O.A.L. away

Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.  ~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS or RESULTS to the above. Would love to know how you identify, confront and overcome your sabotages!!!!

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