It’s Time to Get Real with What Really Goes On with Your Goals!! 23 Days until…….

We are counting the days until the new year, providing you daily business and life tips that will get you ready to make 2015 a RICH year. Here’s for Day 23……

As a business consultant, who specifically works with leaders in their business or industry, there isn’t much I haven’t heard, when it comes to why someone has NOT achieved their goals and objectives (personal or professional), or worse, has NOT even defined and written them out. Their reasons (or excuses as I see it) are often:

  • I keep them up here; as they point to their head
  • I don’t need to write them down, I know what needs to be done
  • I ran out of time, money, people, etc., etc., etc.,
  • My kids….,my husband/wife, and even my dog…….

Understand something, NO one should judge you on whether you did what you needed to do or not. Quite honestly, it is not their goals and dreams that they are falling short of achieving. They are yours.

But you do want and need someone, including yourself, to hold YOU accountable to the plans you want to pursue. Do you agree with that?

Attached is a LEADERsheet Reality Checklist that you can use to determine how prepared you are for defining, planning and executing on your goals and plans this year. Then tomorrow’s post, we will discuss simple steps you can take to address any of the items on the checklist that you feel need addressing.


Bernadette Boas is the ball of fire behind Ball of Fire Consulting, Ball of Fire Inc. (media/publishing) and her book Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Bernadette is a speaker, radio personality of Shedding the Bitch Radio, business growth consultant and coach, and the leader of the Shedding the Bitch® movement.

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