10 Days Left leads to 3 Minutes to Success!!!! Tips and Advice for Overcoming Temptations!

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Can you relate?

Over the years, I have been faced with many temptations, addictions and obsessive compulsions; whether it was smoking, eating, binging (fortunately never purging), and even working out. And there were hundreds of different times over the years, I’ve tried to break those mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual sabotages –  but hundreds of times I caved in.

I would often think of Einstein; who noted that he didn’t fail over 9000 times to invent the light bulb; he found 9000+ ways that didn’t work, which allowed him to persevere. That gave me hope. But it was one simple tip, given to me by someone I can no longer recall, which had the most profound impact on me.

I was told that if I could REFOCUS my thoughts, activities and energies for JUST 3 minutes, when the temptation arises, the temptation would go away. The very next time I desired, even dreamed, of a cigarette, a cup of coffee, the gallon of ice cream in my fridge, or a 3 hour bout in the gym, I recalled that tip and turned on music, got online, or did something that would distract me for 2-3 minutes, and amazingly the craving would pass. YEHAHHH, I thought, I found my solution to the temptations and bad habits I was determined to break.

It worked over the years for my smoking, coffee and even at times for my overeating.  But there were times, or what I will call weak periods, that the sabotages crept back into my life. So once again, forever persevering, I will refocus my temptations and use this simple 3 MINUTE TOOL that had worked so well in the past.

The next time you are struggling with a burning need for one of your addictions, temptations or sabotages – REFOCUS for just 3 MINUTES and feel your craving or self-sabotaging thought or feeling disappear. TRY IT!!!


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