8 Days till 2015!!! Will you be hungover or pumped with energy on New Years?

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Will you be ready to take advantage of the immediate rush that a new year brings? Or will you be sluggish and drowsy as the new year tolls…. fighting hard to get the energy to start again?

If you are reading this post and the prior one’s that have been readying you for 2015….you are bumbling over with excitement regarding the new year – and you should be. There are so many opportunities staring you in the face, if only your eyes and mind are open to seeing them.

There is an old biblical story, often repeated (and generalized as I do), about a man who, while suffering, calls out to God for help. Refusing anyone’s help, he repeats to anyone who attempts to assist him, “I am waiting for God, he will take care of me, I am waiting for God, he will take care of me.”……and yet, his suffering goes on, almost to his death. On his death bed, he yells out….”God, why aren’t you helping me?” In a whisper he hears, “Son, I have sent you a boat, a camel, a rescuer, and more. What else can I do?”

I, myself, used to not see or hear the many opportunities and assistance that were put right in front of me, just at the time I needed them, and even when I never expected them.

Can you relate?

The next time you get a gut or knee jerk response to something, pay close attention to it; if you see a homeless person on the side of the street, think slowly about whether to pass him by. When you receive a call from someone at the worst time imaginable, slow down and consider whether that person and the call is instrumental to THEM as well as YOU. The next time someone calls for a coffee, a meet and greet or to simply talk, who is not on your radar or who you question is needed in your life, think twice before saying ‘no’. They could be the boat, camel or rescuer you have been asking for.  So, make a goal for yourself in 2015 to listen, feel and be open to the people, places, or things that are not the obvious things you expected or asked for in your life.



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