Assess Progress to Determine Both Success and Opportunity (for 2015)

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I don’t know about you, but time is just flying these days, or maybe it is my age talking. But it is already November; holiday music has started, Christmas trees are up in the stores, and layaway commercials are bombarding televisions. More importantly, 10 months of this year are gone, never to return again.

How have you done this year and how will it impact your plans for 2015? Start assessing and considering that now, so you are prepared for January 1… because unfortunately, reality is, once the family visitors come for Thanksgiving dinner, your focus on your 2014 goals will be considered old news.

So, take some time now so you can decide how you want to end the year, as well, how to ensure the new year kicks off with more than just the new year bang.

As a leader, it is critical you have a plan, a map for not only yourself but for those who follow you – by choice and by reporting structure.

If you had a set of 2014 career, business and life goals, objectives and measurements, review those goals and assess how you (and your team) did. But not only if you achieved them (or not), but also:

  • How did I perform in planning, prioritizing and executing on those goals?
  • How effective was I in addressing and removing all obstacles, barriers and physical or mental roadblocks?
  • How productive was I in engaging my team in my goals; providing clear communication, collaboration and engagement?
  • What did I do really well and what can I do differently over the next six months?

If you did not have a set of goals at the beginning of the year…. still sit down and think through, as well, write out the Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities, you encountered this year. This assessment will allow you to then prepare yourself, your team and your plans for 2015. More on that in the next post.

My absolute favorite quote is “The world steps aside for the man (or woman) who knows where he (or she) is going!”

But more importantly, a person grows in their leadership by knowing where they have been, and how successful or challenged their journey was. This allows them to change course or maintain as they continue forward.




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