What’s Your Story? It’s A Matter of Success or Failure!

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Have you ever been asked, “So, what’s your story?” Typically it is asked when someone comes upon another looking miserable, sad, or out of sorts; maybe you have it from a bartender to the guy sitting alone at the bar.

I can’t recall a time, throughout my twenty-five years in corporate, when someone inquired about ‘my story’. However, it is a daily occurrence as a business owner; telling my story to job applicants and new hires, prospects, customers, strategic partners, vendors, and others; who want to know, like and trust me, before investing in me.

I found myself wishing I had understood how to use my story in my corporate career; when hiring employees, seeking a job, asking for a promotion or raise, taking on new responsibilities, or selling and working with clients.

I have since learned ‘my story’ is vital in many areas of business and life. So is yours!!

Your story goes far beyond your title, job, and even your resume or LinkedIn profile. Your story paints a picture of who you are; inside and out, that would make someone choose to follow, hire, work, engage and collaborate, and/or promote you; even buy from you. It allows them to understand who you are, what is important to you, and why you are doing what you are doing – allowing them the opportunity to like, know and trust you.

Understanding and/or creating your story causes you to be the master of YOU – the person you are and the one you want to be. It speaks to you as a professional, a leader and an individual. It requires you to be completely self-aware; discovering or uncovering your values, beliefs, qualities and traits; your likes, dislikes, flaws and beauty marks, and acknowledging your wants and needs (something many don’t ever do).  Of course, it also includes your skills, talents, experiences, and expertise, which completes your story.

Lastly, it allows you to redefine or create your story, should it currently be unknown, incomplete or not as you would want it.

How exciting is that? When was the last time you spent any time considering those things?

Here are some LEADERtips for defining your story:

  • Become aware of your current story– sit down and write out on paper ‘your story’ as if you are meeting someone for the first time or on a first date. Don’t use ‘job interview’ as that often prevents people from talking about their personal life.
    • Consider all areas of your life: career/business, relationships, hobbies/interests,  what’s important to you/what’s not, etc.
  • Write out what your values, qualities, traits, beliefs, skill, talents and achievements; and consider how they fit into the above story.
  • Write down your goals, aspirations, ambitions and dreams. How do they differ or change your current story – edit, update or create if needed.
  • Review your story; decide if it is the most complete and best story of you it can be. If not, continue editing, updating or creating it. After all, it is your story.
  • Once you have ‘your story’, use your story in your career, business and life; allowing others to know, like and trust the person you are – not who they may perceive you are. THAT is the secret to success.

And the next time someone asks you, “What’s your story?” you will have the perfect answer. You!

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