Yes, I Said It! I Want to Be an Enchanted Leader. How About You?

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Find Your Enchantment and Find Your Leadership Success!

If you told me six years ago, after leaving corporate, that I would be coaching female executives, to find their ‘enchantment’ as a way to excel their leadership, I would have thought you were nuts. Known as a tough as nails and unrelenting executive, I certainly wasn’t pursuing ‘enchantment’ throughout the hall ways of corporate.

But, like many other female leaders, who are looking for new ways for pursuing and achieving their own definition of success, I have learned from my search; that we each need to be ‘ME’ in those pursuits. We need to fully understand, define, embed and honor everything ‘ME’ (the good, the bad and the ugly)…so we can own all of “ME” and be the best employee, manager, and leader; as well as sister, aunt, daughter, friend, wife/partner, and woman!  Because no one is perfect, so to ignore the warts and only work on revealing the beauty marks, will never allow us to be ‘complete’ and enchanting.

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Therefore, understanding your enchantment is logical – despite the whohoo perception many have of that term. After all, Enchantment is defined as:

  • ‘a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual’
  • ‘something that charms or delights greatly’
  • ‘to delight or captivate utterly; fascinate; charm’

What female professional/leader and woman wouldn’t benefit greatly in their pursuits of success by possessing those things. More importantly, who doesn’t want to have a feeling of ‘great liking’ of themselves, and to find themselves captivating, delightful, and charming?

All I can say is…. SIGN ME UP! I want to be The Enchanted Leader!

“Life throws stones at you, but your love and your dreams change those stones into the flowers of discovery. Even if you lose, or are defeated by things, your triumph will always be exemplary. People like you enrich the dreams of the worlds, and it is dreams that create history. People like you are unknowing transformers of things, protected by your own fairy-tale, by love.”
Ben Okri, Nigerian author 1951

LEADERtips for discovering your ‘enchantment’:

  1. Spend Time Each Day to Discover YOUR Enchantment!

Before anything else, focus time on you; whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, each and every day. Envision YOU in the fullest enchanted state (refer back to its meaning if necessary). Breathe it in and BELIEVE!

  1. Define YOUR dreams and goals for life – KNOW what you want and deserve!

Knowing WHO you truly are (and want to be), WHERE you’re going, WHY you want it, and HOW you will realize your dreams gives you confidence, control and empowerment which reflect to everyone as ENCHANTING!!

  • Have you noticed a theme throughout our LEADERtips™ – Goal Setting and Discovering You is a critical discipline in every aspect of your career, business and life. Learn then master that and your successes are boundless.
  1. Know, understand and BELIEVE in your enchantment to the world!! Really believe it! 

Studies have shown that female leaders do not understand their contribution and value to their career, business and life.  Take time to do just that, no matter the initial response; good, bad or ugly. Self awareness allows you to change what you don’t like or want, and enhance those things you do.

  • DISCOVER and write down the things you LOVE about you, as well those things you need to shed from your heart, mind, soul, and life
  • CONFRONT them head on, no matter how painful, and deal with them now. REMEMBER – any hurt, anxiety, and fear, once confronted is extinguished for GOOD…..
  • Commit to learn, train and coach your strong and enchanting side of you.
  1. You only have this one single lifetime, and it goes by in milliseconds (whether you are twenty-five or sixty)…. don’t waste it not LIVING in your enchantment.
  • If you do NOT believe in YOU today; find mentors, coaches, supporters, and friends you can confide, cry, scream, and celebrate with.
  • Establish a daily routine of goal setting, journaling, seeking out feedback and advice, reading/researching and keeping up on what other successful leaders are doing.
  • Establish affirmations or prayers you can relate to and breathe them in; repeat them over and over again, until they become YOU……
  • Then BELIEVE!!!
  1. When you begin to find and own your own enchantment, amp up your leadership by PAYING IT FORWARD. Help someone else theirs. You could start a movement for your family, team and company!

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