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Over the years, I never gave my morning work routine a second thought. It was just something I did; as routine as brushing my teeth. I never considered it unusual, unique or even as a powerful differentiator. That is until; time and time again many of my clients, peers and friends asked me about it; “How do you get so much done in a short period of time, How have you built up the network of supporters, sponsors, partners, vendors and even team members? How did you stay focused and motivated, or even balance the amount of projects you always seem to have (and you get them done).

First off, I do get my goals accomplished; though not always on time (or close to on time:)) Secondly, I do love working under a lot of stress, priorities and deadlines. I find myself far more focused and determined. Can you relate?

To address their interest regarding my work routine, I thought I would share that with you…. so you can determine for yourself if it is something that could be valuable for you in your career, business and/or life. And the nice thing about it, over time, it does only take 5 minutes each day; morning or night – whichever works for you.

LEADERtips™ for great leadership!
Post morning news, puppy walk, shower, breakfast and dressing, I am seated at my desk.

  • When I worked in an office, I made sure my office door was closed for those 5 minutes, so I have complete focus and ‘leader’ time. 

My first 5 minutes look like this:
Minute 1 – I look at the weekly goals I had set, and determine what I have or have not accomplished to date. Then note the top 3 task/activities priorities I need to do today – toward those goals.

Minute 2 – My email is scanned (not touched) and voicemail listened to (not returned) to see if anything came through that would impact those top priorities I laid out.

Minute 3 – I determine what supporters, resources, vendors, team members, etc. I need to get on board for the day (even through the balance of the week).

Minute 4– I assess my mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and/or financial needs and limitations – that will either support or risk my focus, energy, confidence, and even ability to achieve my tasks and goals. In my latest journal:

  • I write them all out.
  • I place them in front of me on my laptop.
  • Focusing on them, I write out 3 things (max), I can do immediately to continue forward (if positive) or to create a shift (if a sabotage), i.e. take a walk, pray, meditate, call a friend or my coach, write out solutions, etc… 
  • I keep my journal open to that page all day if I need to continue focusing on them, as well so I can ensure to stay aware of my state of being.

Minute 5 – I block out my calendar into appointments, when I will focus and take action on each of the 3 tasks/activities priorities – setting those times in order of Priority #1, #2, #3 . 

By minute 5; I have created a plan, shifted my state of being, and considered what as a leader, what needed to be done so, not only am I effective and productive, but all of those around me are as well.
Now that the plan is in place, I begin to focus and work on the #1 priority (never jumping to #2 or #3 until completed)

  • This is where most get distracted, unfocused, bored, etc. – more on that in a future Weekly.

Of course, if you have not followed a daily routine before such as the above, it may take more than 5 minutes for you to set your LEADERship plan. But overtime you absolutely will – and it will help you become a greater leader.

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