#YesAllWomen – How Leaders Can Leverage Tragedy for Great Change

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Tragedies often spur great change, and this past weekend’s California killings is no different.
Over one million women and men have tweeted their anger and shock, along with their personal experiences of sexism, discrimination and hate (in the workplace, school, in society, and even at home) with the hashtag… #YesAllWomen.   READ MORE HERE

This latest empowerment movement was provoked by the rantings of a young man, whose views of women and men were formed (and eventually expressed) from his own experiences, beliefs, and biases.

What does this have to do with us as leaders?

Our leadership style is dictated by our experiences, beliefs and often biases we have held for years; often times with a ‘well, I was raised that way’ mentality. Yet, many experts have stated – leaders are made, not born. Therefore, when it comes to how we treat our employees, our peers, our bosses and our clients; how we hire, train, promote and reward, and how we include, engage and collaborate; whether women or men… can be learned, enhanced and changed if and when our experiences, beliefs and biases are alienating, discriminating, degrading, disrespecting or demeaning others.

What can we do as leaders?

LEADERtips –

  • Consider for and to yourself: What part or role do I have in discriminating, disrespecting, demeaning, degrading, objectifying, using or bullying others?
    • P.S. they don’t have to be extreme… subtleties have as much impact.
  • Pay close attention to this and any campaign or movement that rises up from tragedy,  as it speaks the raw and honest truth about what individuals – women and men;  employees, peers, bosses and YOU, have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Use that knowledge, awareness and openness, to lead and influence change for all individuals within your own team, company and overall network.
  • Use your privilege as a leader to demand change, reform, or even consideration of the issues impacting your female employees, up and comers and leaders. Because they all will have impact on your business.
  • Raise your voice constructively with ideas, solutions and next steps for ensuring women have the same opportunities as men in hiring, paying, promoting, rewarding, including and engaging.
  • SHARE THIS with women and men you know… and advise them to get involved with an OPEN MIND… to LISTEN, to LEARN, and to ADD their own voice.


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