What RICHaction have you taken today…. There only has to be ONE!

July 1 is right around the corner. So what you ask?? Well, that means the first 6 months of this new year has come and gone. How are you doing??? Well, I want to provide you with some reminders from our countdown to 2015 what you may or not have prepared for when following our blog posts….  Check out the 19 Day countdown post and see if you were able to leverage any of our LEADERtips.

As the days tick down toward January 1….use this crazy time of holiday shopping, parties and chaotic workloads, to test your focus, determination and tactics for combating New Year Goal Achievement fatigue…. you know what I mean, right?

January 1 comes, you are fired up about a new year, your new goals, and the new opportunity to ‘finally’ achieve those plans you have laid out time and time again. Whether it the popular New Year Diet Plan, the Wide-eyed Sales Income Revenue Plan, or the ever challenging Stomp Procrastination Plan…. we all have BIG ambitions for the new year that can quickly become volatile, such as…

January 1,  you are working it…..maybe even through the first week or two, your focus and determination is high. Then February 1 comes along and you begin to feel the pull of your negative self-talk, the pain of sacrifice and compromise, and the frustration of slow results starts to swirl in your head. By March 1, those dreams and goals you had are long gone, abandoned, and forgotten.

Can you relate?

Start now and start small!!! As a matter fact, start by focusing on just TODAY….that is it. I won’t even mention T——-, or next W—!

Take RICHaction TODAY, practice and be ready for January 1 and beyond, by:

  1. Taking 5 minutes to define the goal you have for the end of TODAY. To do so, ask yourself, “At 5:00 o’clock, I would like to have achieved__________________!
  2. Define up to 3 tasks or activities (no more) you need to do to achieve that 5:00 goal.
  3. Prioritize those 3 things from Most Valuable to Least Valuable.
  4. Focus and execute on ONLY the Most Valuable task….
    1. remove any and all distractions, desk clutter, homepage sabotagers that are not needed to complete that task.
  5. Throughout the day, make note of anything and anyone that distracts you from the task…write down what was the distraction, how did you handle it, did you fall prey to it or resolve it; did you get back to the Most Valuable task and Goal or not? If not, why?
    1. Staying aware of your self-sabotagers will help you find tactics for preventing them!
  6. Work on that 1 task until it is DONE…
  7. When completed – even if it is before or after 5:00 – CELEBRATE by crossing it off your list!!!  And note… completing 1 out of 3 things fully, is so much more satisfying than partially doing 10 things.

Now, we can talk about Tomorrow.

Use the above process for TODAY..then the next 1 day, then the next. Keep using the tool 1 Day at a time until the process becomes routine. By January 1 you will be rockin and rollin’ toward your RICHplan goals…..

Let me know how it goes…..

Bernadette Boas is the ball of fire behind Ball of Fire Consulting, Ball of Fire Inc. (media/publishing) and her book Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Bernadette is a speaker, radio personality of Shedding the Bitch Radio, business growth consultant and coach, and the leader of the Shedding the Bitch® movement, transforming individuals, businesses and their company cultures to one of RICHness and profit.


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