Leader as Role Model – The Do’s, Dont’s and LEADERtips!

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When you think of what it means to be a leader, how many seconds does it take for ‘role model’ to come to mind?

If you are like any of the leaders I speak to on a daily basis, it takes all of the 60 seconds, or it doesn’t come to mind at all. Not because they don’t consider themselves as role models, but when they do, they realize the level of responsibility it bears.

According to Merriam Webster:  a role model is:

  • § someone who another person admires and tries to be like
  • § a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others.

When you consider that… your behavior, every day actions, and the style by which you lead is being watched, imitated and even judged (admired or not) by those around you. So the question is; how often in your daily activities do you consider your part as a role model?

As a role model, here are things NOT to do OR you can expect the same from those around you; impacting your productivity, effectiveness and success as a leader:

  • § Act, speak and behave contrary to the values, qualities and standards you have set as a person and leader!
  • § Treat others contrary to how you want to be respected, honored and treated.
  • § Fail to communicate and execute on a vision and plan aligned to the goals and objectives defined, measured and rewarded on.
  • § Limit innovation, creation and out of the box ideas; instead choosing the same old, same old practices and processes.
  • § Lack a constructive, productive and positive mindset and behavior
  • § Practice CYA politics, game playing and maneuvers in place of learning, earning and developing.
  • § Neglect collaborating, connecting and engaging with team members on a personal level.
  • § Overlook developing, challenging and coaching your team’s individual talents, skills and leadership style.
  • § Dump vs. delegate, demand vs. command, offend vs. compliment, berate vs. praise, etc.

Like it or not, being placed in a position of oversight and authority does not make you a leader, but merely a manager.  The making of a leader is the intention and attention they put to their leadership style and their role model status.

LEADERtips™ to hone your role model leadership:

  • § Seek feedback from employees, peers and managers as to what they need from you as a leader and role model; but decide for yourself as well what that style is.
  • § Define ‘role model’ goals and measurements you aspire to demonstrate and execute.
  • § Be a lifetime student toward personal and professional growth; for both improvement and advancement.
  • § Consider the above list, and identify the one or several ‘don’t’s you can shift today to secure your role model status tomorrow.
  • § Keep top of mind each and every day, your responsibility as a role model, with every action, word and behavior you take.

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Remember, both the young and seasoned employee, peer, and manager is watching and imitating you. Your leadership dictates their style, work and ultimate results brought to the business. Decide for yourself – what leadership style do you want them to admire, aspire toward and even imitate?

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