How to Leverage Women Leadership and Empowerment Campaigns in Your Success!

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There has never been a better time to get involved in changing the trajectory of women in business and life, as in the past 15 months; just about the time, Sheryl Sandberg published Lean In, Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Whether you like or agree with her ideas or not, you cannot avoid the dialogue and debate it has since created regarding women in the boardroom and leadership, diversity, pay equality and more. Since then, other prominent campaigns, movements and books have come to the forefront:
However at times, I feel overloaded by opinions, advice, and the do’s and don’ts from both high profile and every day professionals, telling me how I should lean in, thrive vs. survive, ban degrading terms such as bossy, and even, shed the bitch. But are they effective? Do they make you want to take action – whether through motivation, inspiration or even anger and fear? Or are you left stuck, unsure of what YOU can do to influence change for not only yourself, but other women in the workplace and at home?
Do they do the job of raising awareness and educating you on the issues impacting you and other women in business? Only you can decide and to do so, you have to be involved.

LEADERtips™ for stepping up, leaning in, standing tall, banning, or even shedding what YOU want in order to change the trajectory of women, once and for all.

  • Be sure to find and read stories, articles and news pieces that highlight not only the strengths and value of women in business, but also the areas of needed development, confidence and strength.
    • Whether you are someone moved by being ‘scared’ versus ‘motivated’, be sure to focus on those that make you move forward versus fall back.
  • Get involved with one or several professional women networks within your local community and/or on the national level; online and in person.
  • Get engaged with ‘circles’ of other like minded professional women (and men), in a mastermind type of setting focused and dedicated toward enhancing your success; goals, measurements, accountability, problem solving, networking and more.
    • You may find industry based, cross industry or function, local or national groups, who meet in person or online; for example Lean In Circles, Circle of RICHes and others.
  • Start your own movement within your own circle of other professional women, like Sheryl Axelrod and Mary Ann Mullaney did for the legal industry in Philadelphia with Fearless Women Network.
    • Start a conversation with the women in your office, in your social network and even your community. Discuss what they are looking for and how as a group you could be influencers for change. You may be surprised at how many women, like you, and even the men around you, are searching for options, answers and opportunities.
“Didn’t they realize that the only way to change things was to act?”
Tamora Pierce, The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
CALL TO ACTION – Decide for yourself what your position is on leaning in, thriving, how to lead, how not to, banning bossy or shedding the bitch, so you can influence change for women in business and life.
Whatever you do…. get involved, on your own or with a group – you deserve to be honored for the skills, talents and ambitions you have.

LISTEN to this week’s radio show – Sheryl Axelrod of The Axelrod Firm and I talk…. Can We Ever Ban Bossy and other B’ words from Our Vocabulary and Workplace!

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