LEADERtips – Want Success? Don’t be part of this “In” Crowd

Do you like to be part of the ‘In’ crowd, or do you like to be unique and stand out?

When it comes to setting and keeping goals, including New Year Resolutions, it is one time you should want to stand out from the crowd. Be okay with not fitting in, as it plays a significant role in your business and personal success.

From StatisticBrain.com, they report the following as it pertains to New Year Resolutions:

 Defining Goals:

  • Percent of Americans who usually make New Year’s Resolutions – 45%
  • Percent of Americans who infrequently make New Year’s Resolutions – 17%
  • Percent of Americans who absolutely never make New Year’s Resolutions – 38%

 Achieving Goals:

  • Percent of people who are successful in achieving their resolutions – 8%
  • Percent who have infrequent success – 49%
  • Percent who never succeed and fail on their resolution each year – 24%

     Length of Commitment to Resolutions

  • Past One Month    64%
  • Past Six Months    46%

How can you ensure you keep focused on your goals year round, whether they are set on January 1st or August 10th?

First, for just one single minute; forget about impressing the boss, competing for the next available opening, or caring what others think about you. It’s time to arm yourself with some LEADERtips™ that will provide you focus, energy and commitment, because when you do the rewards for standing out are far greater than fitting in:

According to StatisticBrain.com; people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals, and from another study: those that make and execute on their goals earn 3-10X more than those that do not.

LEADERtip™ – It takes patience, discipline and a great deal of focus to confront both the momentum and the stall that will occur, the excitement and the stress, and the highs and lows of acting on your goals.  Refer back to prior blog post 10,9,8,7,6….. Questions to Ask for Victorious Achievement for tips on shifting your mindset to victorious achievements!

Here are sure-fire LEADERtips™ which will, should you follow them, help you to build a discipline around acting and pursuing your goals with great confidence, energy and clarity. You will be able to look back at any day, week, month or year and be proud of yourself, and be able to stand out from the crowd!

LEADERtips™:  some basics

  • Write down in black and white your goals!  Check out Goal Setting to RICHES for a down and dirty SMART goal setting process.
  • Get your head on right about what causes you to give up on your goals. Read our post – Amp Up Your SMART Goals into VICTORY Goals.
  • Discuss your goals and objectives with a friend and your mentor, or boss – people who play a significant role in holding you accountable while supporting your aspirations.
  • Include your goals into your professional performance review.
    • Even personal goals as your boss and team should recognize that taking care of yourself outside of work has a tremendous impact on your success in the office.
  • Post your goals (I recommend 3 or less) everywhere: at work, at home, in the car, so you can focus on them daily. PS – I have mine as my laptop screen page.
  • If you are socially connected, post your goals on line, in detail. You can even ask your connections to support you – and be amazed how strangers will reach out with ideas, support and a kick in the butt.
  • Every Monday morning review your goals and pick 1 to 3 tasks or activities you need to do against your goals.
    • Bonus LEADERtip™ – every decision you make and activity you do should be considerate of and/or contribute to you achieving your goal.

LEADERtips™:  let’s AMP it up –

  • Add to the above, every Monday morning, review your calendar and mindfully block out specific time to act on some or any part of each goal, i.e. gym appointments, calls with mentor/coach, classroom or webinar skills training, spa treatments, budget reviews, etc…
  • Manage the world around your goals, do not let the world manage your goals around them, i.e. treat the above blocks of time as seriously as you do critical work meetings. Do not let other people or things sabotage you, ‘unless you do it with great thought, consideration and PRIORITIZATION’.  Be intentional and mindful.
  • Challenge requests others make of you which could interfere with your plans. Don’t take it for granted that you must drop everything to attend to them. Ask, consider and adjust. And learn to say NO when it does not contribute to YOU.
  • Identify one major reward you will give yourself for achieving your goal. Write it down, cut out images of it, if it helps. Use that reward to stay focused.
  • Identify one major consequence you will have to follow through on should you not reach your goal. Yes, I did say consequence.
    • Rewards and incentives are great ways to motivate someone to work hard. But when they give up and/or start making excuses and justifications for giving up on their own goals, there is no penalty for that. They simply do.
    • Setting up a consequence and sharing that with a friend and your mentor or boss, really puts you on the hook; especially when the consequence is  something you really would not want to do. Here are some real examples of what clients, colleagues and I have defined for ourselves previously:
      • Skydiving   (major fear of heights)
      • Wrapping a snake around their neck (major fear)
      • Eating cans of anchovies (just gross)
      • Standup comedy or Open Mic Night (they would rather have died than do this)

Whatever your goals are…JUST ACT. This is your one life; not your bosses, friends, or even family members. It is yours. Achieve victory this year by committing to you and your goals. You will be amazed what it will contribute toward you igniting your leader within!

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