10, 9, 8, 7, 6……..Questions to Ask for Victorious Achievement in 2014!

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6……Questions to Ask for Victorious Achievement in 2014!

Female Leaders,

Navigating business and life aspirations are difficult enough. Going about it without focus, energy and a plan, causes it to be more of a storm than simple waves of defining, executing and achieving your goals victoriously – despite the inevitable ups and downs!

As both a leader, and more importantly a woman with great aspirations, setting new year resolutions or yearly business and life dreams, require a deep awareness and understanding of your reasons, motivations and potential sabotages in achieving those personal and professional goals. Lacking that awareness is the difference between victorious achievement or failure (and I hate that word).

LEADERtip™ – Sit down, ask yourself and write out your true (brutally honest) responses to the following; before you define or execute on any goal. I guarantee you, gaining this understanding will raise your probability of success in 2014.

10. Who are you? Forget what others say about you, what do you feel, see, think, say, and hear about YOU?

9.   Who do you aspire to be? Consider personally or professionally; the values, skills, traits, qualities, characteristics, aspirations, etc. you want for and of yourself.

8.   What do you want from this one life you have? Think about the ‘legacy’ you want to leave behind; for your family, community and/or the world. This is not the time to think small!!

7.   What do you not want from life?  This is where one’s fears start to creep in; what are you afraid of, desperate not to experience, determined to overcome, etc… In order to obtain what you want in Questions 9, 8 and the others, you have to acknowledge who, what, where, when, why, and how you don’t want in your life (then find a way to shed yourself of them).

6.   If you had an infinite amount of money, people and time, what would you be doing each and every day – at work, at home, around the world, etc.?  Let your dreams flow!  You can list 1 or many, it doesn’t matter. This is your RICHlist.

5.  From #6, what are your top 3 desired dreams you would like to convert to goals, so you are victorious in 2014 achieving them? Because most people can only focus and act on a max of 3 – pick and prioritize 3 from the above list of dreams. The next questions will convert those dreams into your 2014 goals.

4.   What skills, talents, expertise, money, people, time and more you have and don’t have to put toward achieving your top 3 goals?  Remember: Dreams remain only dreams until you put focus, energy and action against them – then they become GOALS.

      LEADERtip™ – go back through the above questions and ask this question for each; it could trigger new thoughts and ideas toward your top goals.

      LEADERtip™ – on your paper, draw a line down the middle for this question; and on one side include ALL of the resources you have, and on the other side all of the resources you do not have.

3.  CRITICAL – what/who are ALL of the sabotaging people, places, things, experiences, as well as beliefs, compulsions, addictions, and other factors that cause you to give up on your goals?

LEADERtip™ – you have to acknowledge all of them; personally and professionally, as many people; especially women, fail at achieving great success because of fears or negative beliefs they have of themselves, that are easy to overcome, i.e. asking for what they want, walking away from things they don’t want, allowing others to talk down or talk them down from something. Achieving your goals is YOUR responsibility, no one else’s. Own them.

2.   For each goal, what are 3 things you could act on to obtain the resources, skills or beliefs you need (from the right side of your paper to the above question)?
LEADERtip™ – you don’t have to obtain them all at once, so do not overwhelm yourself right now with fear, uncertainty or doubt that you can all of a sudden achieve things or resources you don’t have today. Be aware of what you can be doing to obtain them, and then make a plan over the next 12 months to do so.

1.    What commitment will you make to YOU toward pursuing, executing and achieving victory in 2014? Fill in the blank:  I, _______________________, on (date) _________________________, commit to focusing, acting on and achieving the following one to three 2014 Goal(s): __________________________________________________________________________________

so I achieve for myself  ________________________________________________________________.

You deserve all of the personal and professional victories you want and can dream of. Don’t allow anyone, especially yourself, to sabotage that. It is as easy 1, 2, 3…..being aware of who you are, what you want, and what you need. And that just comes down to planning.

Look out for your next LEADERtips for Defining not only SMART but VICTORIOUS goals.

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