Are you a Quitter or Winner on your New Year Goals!

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Are you one of those people that wait until the New Years hype to get pumped up and excited about a resolution you will finally make, thinking that the new year excitement will get you motivated enough to get you off of your couch?

Did you know that the majority of resolutions are broken by mid February – a whopping 6 weeks into the new year.

Wouldn’t you love to buck the trend and for once, stick to a resolution, goal or plan – whatever you want to call it, so you can toast your achievement!!!

I know I certainly do!

So, what is the difference between those that give up on their resolution and those that stick to it?  Well it is simple to understand and not so simple to implement consistently.

The differences:

Quitters                                                                   Winners

No plan                                                                       Have a plan (and prior to the year starting)

No understanding of how to set goals                  Clear understanding either coached or researched

Have many excuses                                                  Excuses may exist, but they ignore them

Lack of desire to actually achieve                          Will power is stronger than the idea of quitting

Surrounded by sabotagers                                      Surrounded by supporters cheering them on

Lack of self-respect, belief and love                      They know and believe they deserve RICHes!

So, which one will you be this year?

Answer that and you will know and understand whether or not, on February 16th, you will still be focused on your goals, or you will be sitting on the couch.

You can move from the left (Quitter) to the right (Winner) by January 1, 2014…. by simply completing the following 3 steps:

  1. Write out what you want to achieve this year!
  2. Pick 1 of those three – preferably the most important, valuable or impactful to your life
  3. Identify the following regarding that 1 goal:

– By what date do you want to achieve it?

– What 3 actions you will take will help you achieve it?

– What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?

– What sabotaging people, places, mindsets, etc… do you need to stay aware of so you do not fall victim to them?

Fully understand and write out the above, post it in clear sight, communicate it to loved ones, and then stay focused on it, BELIEVING that you deserve to achieve what you want in this life!!!!

Good luck


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