Shut Up Already!!! I Did Not Ask You to Sell Me Something!!!

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OMG!!!!! I am finding myself this morning, reading through the various LinkedIn Group postings that stream into my email each morning, screaming at my laptop. I mean screaming. Thankfully my neighbors are a good distance away from me, so they cannot hear me rant……

Here’s why – and please, listen carefully if you spend any time on LinkedIn’s Group discussion boards:

A group member poses a question to gather your opinion, experience or advice on something, i.e. this morning, Maxine Mourtney posted the following question:

How do you motivate ‘new hires’ to be ‘all you can be’? Leave the “lead by example” at the door… what do you say or do to motivate?

When I read this, I merely figured she wanted others to share their experience and expertise on the matter. That simple, right?

Instead, like so many post responses these days, people ranted off statistics about why her question is weak or untrue, how, if she is posing this question, she has a bigger problem on her hands then this, and then, how if she is asking, she obviously does not know what she is doing in leading her own team. REALLLLLLY???? (and yes, I put it in caps to scream it).

But what is even worse, there are those that never provide a response of their own thought, opinion or advice, but a solution to their problem with a product or service they offer, and state to her that if she wants to solve her problem, she should call and buy their product. SERIOUSLYYYYYYY????

Do they not understand the purpose of discussion boards? If she or anyone other poster wanted to be preached to, scolded or sold to, they would have asked specifically for that. They are smart enough to know how.

I had to come and write this post, because if I did not distract myself from my utter frustration, I would have written (in caps) on that group discussion, something I would have regretted.

What are your thoughts on this? Check out the post and let me know if I am crazy or they are…. How Do You Motivate?



One Response to “Shut Up Already!!! I Did Not Ask You to Sell Me Something!!!”

  1. When folks don’t know the answer it’s easier to run away from it by focusing on what THEY perceive to be wrong instead of giving an intelligent answer. It drives me crazy too. ANSWER the question asked!

    She was super intelligent to ask the question. It was REAL!!!!


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