RICH Tip ….Question – “What can I do to create my career path now?”

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RICH Tip Friday continues… from @Johanna Turtum

Question – “I am a recent college grad and landed a consulting job. What advice do you have for someone starting out creating a path?”

Tip – Cheers to you Johanna for asking, that is my first tip….

1) Always look to learn and always ask questions. Learn to raise your hand and acknowledge your ability to grow by seeking answers from those that have already been there and done that. Not inquiring does not demonstrate strength, it demonstrates a failure to learn – a know it all attitude.

2) Successful people and leaders are lifetime students…seek out training on the key skills you lack or want to develop

3) Immediately seek out a mentor – someone you aspire to be like, in a position you want to have one day. And develop a relationship with that person, and once a relationship is established, you can inquire on transitioning into a mentoring type of relationship. But remember, the number 1 mistake people make when seeking mentors, is expecting someone will want to invest their time, expertise, network and experience with someone they do not know.

Lastly, 4) Assess your own leadership qualities and traits and identify those that you can begin to work on. Better sooner than later.

JUST $.99 cents – Go here for our Shift to RICHes Toolkit, including our Leadership Assessment.

Good luck, let me know how it goes…..

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