If you were guaranteed success…. why wouldn’t you go for it!!!

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I am often asked how I get so much done in a day, even a week, or a year ( which seems like a lifetime for me sometimes)….. and I can confidently admit, I do. I have always been a work horse.

My response?

For no other reason then, I learned from an early age to use the #1 success tool found consistently across successful people: setting and executing on well defined goals.

Then I am asked, “so, if that is the #1 success tool, then why doesn’t everyone use it?”

Well, that is for them to say…. and, it certainly isn’t because I have not tried to educate, influence and even coach them through it.

Ask them, and they will give you every reason (or as I see it, excuses) they can think of:

  • I have them in my head

  • I have to many things to do, it overwhelms me to write them all out

  • I don’t have time

  • I get worried that if I write them out and don’t achieve them, I ‘fail’ myself

  • I just don’t!

  • I don’t know how

Let me dispel these ‘self-limiting’ beliefs and give you a swift kick in the butt, so maybe you just might start using the #1 tool that will guarantee YOU success! Unless you are scared of success – then we will need another blog post for that:)

But here it goes:

“I have them in my head!” – OK, let me ask you…. can you clearly verbalize for me, even yourself, what your top 3 goals are, then name the priority order of those goals, and the top 3 things you need to be doing right now, today, in order to achieve even one of those 3 goals?  Can you?  Let’s see: ready, set, GO!!!!!!  I am going to guess – Not!

  • You need to get them out of your head as dreams and get them in writing defined as goals. Only then can you define a clear road-map for how you are going to get from where you are, to where you want to go. Period.

“I have to many things to do, it overwhelms me to write them all out”…. – Well, at least you are being honest about that.

  • Believe it or not, writing them out and focusing on the top priority goal, will actually take you from overwhelmed to being in total control. Don’t you love being in control:))?

“I don’t have time!” – Really, you don’t have an initial hour to define your yearly goals, and then 15 minutes a week, and 5 minutes each day?

  • Read that again, slowly, and then answer it again, because that is all of the time it takes. I promise!

“I may fail, if I write them out” – Kudos again for your admission.

  • Yes, you may not accomplish your goals. So, is that the end of the world, or can you just adjust them as you go? But, what if, just what if, you do achieve them?

“I just don’t” – Yehahaha, now this is the honest guy/gal I like to work with…. but now it is time to not be so flippant about it.

  • Answer this – if you know that you can be guaranteed success by using this one tool – what is stopping you?

“I don’t know how!” – Yippieeeee, this is the best reason of all of them!!

  • It is true, not everyone knows how to set goals, act on them, and then track their success. So, if I show you how, will you?

  • Check out my Shift to RICHes Guide to Success for the High Achievers, where you will get a Goal Setting Process and Template to use, as well as Tips and even a Leadership Assessment, to help you determine what career/professional growth goals you may want to focus on.

Don’t let the above reasons (or excuses) keep you from achieving success….. commit to your goals and watch your success soar!! Guaranteed!

Good luck, let me know how it goes…..

Bernadette Boas is the ball of fire behind Ball of Fire Consulting, Ball of Fire Inc. (media/publishing) and her book Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Bernadette is a speaker, radio personality of Shedding the Bitch Radio, business growth consultant and coach, and the leader of the Shedding the Bitch® movement, transforming individuals, businesses and their company cultures to one of RICHness and profit.


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