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Question from Valerie Jenkins received via Linkedin.
What is the most effective use of Linkedin for my business?
Let me provide you a few –
1) it is your online rolodex – maintain and nurture it throughout your career. Do not take it for granted, and do not assume you do not need to build your network whether you are in corporate or have your own business. PS. I walked away from corporate after 25 years with just 750 connections – little when you consider my years of work, global responsibility, industry leader, major social networker, etc.. impacting seeking my next career goal
2) Business Owners – pick 5-10 per month to reach out to, bring up to date on your activities, find out what they need, etc. – email/call/meeting Corporate – identify 3-5 contacts outside of your company, industry or norm, and do the same. It is also a great way to expand your skills, experience and insights to new areas
3) Keep yourself visible inside and outside your industry, in your market, with your prospective client, etc… by providing an updated Status that informs, educates, or entertains the viewer.
4) Become an industry or subject matter expert by contributing actively to Groups relevant to your business or personal expertise
5) Prospect new clients or company employers by spending 30-60 minutes each week doing advanced searches, identifying contacts and reaching out
6) Update your profile regularly and market yourself, your business, your expertise, your industry or more…by posting videos, powerpoints, articles, group/association affiliations, etc.
PS – review other profiles to determine their level of connections and see what their profiles include that you can be doing

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