RICH Tip Friday is on……. What to do when you are trapped at a job you hate?

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RICH Tip question received…. thanks @Tina Evanns
I hate my job but I feel trapped. I need the pay and I am not even sure of what I want to be doing. Help!

RICH Tip – first off, I feel your pain….but there are steps you can take to identify potential passions and next steps –
1) Write out a list of any activity, hobby, interest, dream you have ever been attracted to (note – you may have let it go for a while, but it could still be there stewing for attention)
2) Ask your parent, siblings, friends, co-workers, love..what they have observed you to like to do, was attracted to, were really good at… and it may not be specific jobs, tasks, etc., i.e. Tina was always a great listener, or writer, etc…
3) Take the jealousy test (mentioned in earlier post) – who or what stirs up butterflies or pangs of ‘good’ jealousy
4) Work with a professional coach or talent expert and have a skills assessment completed. It will highlight strengths and areas/professions you are most suitable for.
5) Make a note on a regular occasion of anyone or thing you come across that gets you curious or excited
Lastly ….. getting up day after day, hating the job, company, or people you are spending 40 hours a week with is extremely stressful… 1) find the things you like about it and focus there, or change what it is you don’t like about it 2) seek the same position with a different company 3) work on enhancing your current or new skills, while searching other work…but search – it is easier to find a job while you have a job, then it is to do it having quit your job.

Good luck!  If you have other questions, feel free to share them here in COMMENTS or on Facebook

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