5 Keys for Success in business and in life!

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5 Keys for Success……

1) Know who YOU are!  Ask yourself:

  • Who am I to me? Don’t worry about what other people say about you, or describe you…. but how do you describe you.
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What is keeping me from those things?
  • What will help me accelerate toward who I am?

2) Define your own RICHplan:

  • List out on paper your personal and professional Goals for your health/fitness, relationships, finances, business/career and life as a whole
  • Answer the question – WHY do I want those things? So you are sure of the importance of those goals to you
  • Put a timeline and an action plan to pursuing each of those goals

3) In order to succeed, you have to fail (or misstep)…. so define the RISKS you want to take, then lay out a plan to execute on it:

  • List out the pro’s and con’s of pursuing the risk
  • Define a support group of family, friends, peers, colleagues that will support you – NO MATTER WHAT!

4) Engage a coach, mentor or a support group that will hold you accountable to your goals

5) Seek out feedback so you can assess, adjust and reactivate your plan

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