Want to rock your Customer’s World!!! – Send a thank you card, Just Because!

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Unknown…..

Have you ever wondered how you could keep your customer completely satisfied with you and your business??????

Out of the blue, send them a Thank You card. Why? Just because!

As business owners we get so caught up in the day to day; chasing the next sale, tracking the past invoice, stocking pallets of boxes, paying the bills that keep the lights on. We rarely don’t take time to thank the people that allow us to stay crazy busy all of the time – our customers.

We especially don’t think about thanking them ‘just because’ you can – and you want to. For no reason – not a new sale or for finally paying that invoice, not for a holiday or their birthday. Just because you were grateful that they are you customer.

Think about it  – how would you feel if suddenly there was a card in an envelope and a stamp waiting in your mailbox for you….. how would you feel.

I know I would have a smile on my face for days!!!!!!

Try it and see what it does for you, and have a grateful autumn!

Bernadette Boas is the ball of fire behind Ball of Fire Consulting, Ball of Fire Inc. (media/publishing) and her book Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Bernadette is a speaker, radio personality of Shedding the Bitch Radio, coach, and the Shedding the Bitch® movement leader. You can reach her at bernadetteboas@balloffireinc.com should you need a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant!

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