Do Entrepreneurs Pursue BLOOD?

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The above photo, provided by, can be interpreted in many ways. I interpret it as a declaration that entrepreneurs are never happy with just making money. They want to overwhelm, stamp out, and simply win over all of their competitors, or common ideas, no matter what. The pursuit and blood of the next opportunity is the motivation, energy, and  excitement for entrepreneurs.

What do you think?????

I am often having great debate on what really differentiates the typical business owner to true entrepreneurs. You can google ‘top traits, characteristics, skills, etc…’ of an entrepreneur and you will find a variety of opinions (strictly and not so strictly).

Though I have my own list of the top 10 traits of a true entrepreneur (I will share on the next post), I would love to hear what you think.

What are your top 10 traits of an entrepreneur?

Let us hear from you and I will share what input was received on a future posting.

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