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I’m ready to bring a Sales Rep on board for my small business – any suggestions or advice?

Bernadette’s RICH Tip…..

Be sure to define what the strategic targets are you expect from this role? It is more than revenues, order, quotes, and more. It is relationships, account management, conflict management, issue mitigation and more.

You have to determine – what do you need, hunters or farmers? Then you need to qualify them as hunters or farmers, inside or outside, direct or indirect….

Too often folks are disappointed in their hiring choice because the candidate sells themselves well, but then turns out to not be a hunter… or to much of one.. or isn’t able to execute on your sales process – and this is the most costly position to make a mistake in.

Spell out clearly for yourself what this person looks like in detail…. and then ask them the non-traditional questions, put them through scenarios, test them on the phone or in a mock up face to face meeting, etc…..

Determine not only the job description, but the end result you are looking for in all areas. Then determine creative and strategic interviewing questions, scenarios and even exercises that they can respond to as a way of determining the best fit with position, team, company and culture.

Additional follow up questions –

Would you care to elaborate on the “hunters or farmers” concept, as well as the “direct or indirect”?

Hunters are pure salespeople – they turn over every stone, they are fierce competitors to close a sale, they open doors no matter who they know or don’t know, and they never sit back and wait for things to come to them. They build relationships but are always hungry for the kill of the next deal

Farmers are much better at supporting an account over time, mining the account for new sales opportunities. They don’t open doors as much, they feel more comfortable going in once the door is open

Direct means outside hitting the pavement.
Indirect often is presales or like the farmer, are ‘invited in’ to qualify, propose and sell,  as opposed to cold calling or knocking on doors.

I would definitely google ‘key traits of salespeople’, or look into using a sales assessment in your hiring process…… look into DiSC or other assessments, even if you have to engage someone that provides them for your hiring process.

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